My Books

All of my books can be found on as well as public libraries in Bergen County, New Jersey. Each of my books also features a song with lyrics and music provided in the book along with a short video. Click the follow link at the bottom of the page to find out about my upcoming book releases and events.

Holidays at Owltown Place is a book that depicts how our many varied, feathered and furry friends celebrate the darkest time of the year. Its message serves to unite us all as a planet during the darkest days of winter.  May it become a traditional, treasured, holiday book for people of varied faiths.

Baby Hugh Blue’s Lost Blankie is a sweet, little tale about a baby owl who loses his beloved blankie. This topic, loss of a beloved treasure is one we all can identify with. Follow Hugh Blue in his quest to find the comfort of his blankie.

Autumn from the Owl’s Wing gives the perspective of Autumn from the air. Children can enjoy different aspects of Fall such as a hayride, apple picking, and pumpkin carving through the eyes of a small boy, Oren. Oren experiences all of these joys through the adventure of stealing out into the night on an owl’s wing.

There’s a Bear in the Kitchen is a fanciful story where a mother pleads to her children to be quiet during a short nap. Her children try to comply, however, trouble ensues when a bear cub enters their home. Follow along on this musical spirited adventure as the two children creatively and humorously cope with a challenging situation.

A Child’s Hope for all Seasons is a book for young children to help develop optimism and positive thinking.  The book follows a young girl through the seasons of the year.  It depicts different seasonal happenings that could inspire challenge or joy.  It encourages the reader to have tenacity despite adversity.  This book could be enjoyed by the average child and serve as a catalyst for discussion.  It could also serve as the perfect gift for a child encountering a difficult time.


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